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The 10 Rarest Pets in OSRS (Ranked 2023)

What are the rarest OSRS pets?

Pets in Old School Runescape may not make you stronger or give you any extra abilities, but let’s be real—they’re just really cool to have. As a result, lots of players are on the hunt for these pets as a way to show off their achievements.

And let’s face it, some pets are way rarer and harder to get than others. Some of them require a lot of time and effort to grind for, while others can only be obtained by defeating the toughest bosses in the game.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! To make your search for the rarest OSRS pets a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the rarest pets and how to get them. So buckle up and get ready to add some seriously cool pets to your collection!

The 10 Rarest OSRS Pets (Ranked)

Here is the list of 10 Rarest OSRS Pets:

Vet’ion jr.

Vet’ion jr
Vet’ion jr

Have you heard of Vet’ion jr.? It’s a mini version of the boss Vet’ion, and while it’s drop rate is only 1/2k, it comes from one of the most elusive bosses in the game. The thing is, Vet’ion’s drop table isn’t all that impressive, so not as many players go after him compared to other bosses. Plus, he’s located in the wilderness, which is known for being a dangerous area full of player-vs-player combat. It can be tough to even find this boss with other players trying to take you out.

And when you do find him, Vet’ion is actually a pretty tough boss to fight. He’s not as straightforward as other bosses in the same area, which can make it even more challenging.

All of these factors combined make Vet’ion jr. a super rare pet that many players simply don’t bother going after. So if you’re one of the lucky few who manages to get your hands on one, you can be proud of your achievement!

How to Get Vet’ion jr. in OSRS?

So, if you want to get your hands on Vet’ion jr., you’ll need to track down Vet’ion himself. This guy is a tough Zamorakian Skeletal champion who has not one, but two forms.
Once you defeat Vet’ion’s first form, he’ll transition into his second form. But here’s the catch: if you can’t take him down within 5 minutes, he’ll revert back to his first form with fully regenerated hit points. Ouch.
That’s why it’s crucial to try and kill Vet’ion as quickly as possible if you’re up for the challenge. But be warned: this isn’t a boss you want to tackle if you’re starting from a low level. You’ll need to be pretty strong and well-equipped to take him on.



Have you heard of the little guy that can be found in the Chamber of Xeric? It’s a pretty tough raid in Old School Runescape, but if you manage to get through it, you might just get your hands on this rare pet. The pet is a mini version of the Great Olm, and it has a drop rate of 1/53, which might not sound too bad. But the thing is, the Chamber of Xeric is one of the hardest raids in the game, so it’s not likely that you’ll stumble across this drop on your first try.

If you’re not an experienced raider or a veteran player, the Chamber itself can be a huge challenge. But if you’re up for it, the reward of getting this rare pet can make it all worth it.

How to Get Olmlet in OSRS?

So, if you want to get Olmet, you’ll have to defeat the Great Olm, also known as the Guardian in the Deep. This guy is no pushover, let me tell you.
Depending on the size of your raiding party, the Great Olm can have at least three phases, and he’s got some pretty devastating attacks up his sleeve.
If you’re serious about getting this pet, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared. Gather your best gear, bring along some strong allies, and be ready for a tough fight. The reward of getting Olmet will make it all worth it, though!

Rift Guardian

Rift Guardian
Rift Guardian

If you’re looking for one of the rarest skilling pets in Old School Runescape, then look no further than the Rift Guardian. But be warned, this little guy can only be obtained by leveling up your Runecrafting skill. Now, I know what you’re thinking – Runecrafting isn’t exactly the most popular skill among players. In fact, a lot of people tend to avoid it like the plague. So, it’s no surprise that the Rift Guardian is a rare sight to see in-game.

But here’s the thing – skilling pets are like a badge of honor in Old School Runescape. They show other players that you’ve put in the work to level up a skill and obtain its corresponding pet. And let me tell you, some skilling pets are rarer than others due to the difficulty of the skill. Woodcutting and thieving pets, for example, are relatively easy to get due to the simplicity of grinding.

But if you manage to snag the Rift Guardian, you’ll be showing off some serious dedication. It takes a lot of effort to level up Runecrafting and obtain this pet, so don’t be surprised if other players are impressed by your skills.

How to Get Rift Guardian in OSRS?

If you’re looking to obtain the Rift Guardian skilling pet in Old School Runescape, you’ll need to buckle down and level up your Runecrafting skill to level 99.
Keep in mind that the chance of obtaining this pet depends on both your level and the type of essence you’re crafting, so choose wisely.
For the best chances, many players recommend crafting mind runes using the Mind Altar Teleport, as it’s the fastest way to grind for this pet.
Alternatively, crafting lava runes can also be a solid option, as it provides a slightly lower chance of obtaining the pet but grants more overall experience.



Youngllef is a mini version of Hunleff, the final boss in The Gauntlet. While the chance of obtaining this pet is 1/400 for completing the Corrupted Gauntlet and 1/2k for completing the uncorrupted Gauntlet, the Corrupted Gauntlet is one of the hardest levels to complete in the game.

Many players struggle to get through the Corrupted Gauntlet even once, let alone multiple times in order to acquire this pet. As a result, having Youngllef trailing after you is a clear indication that you’re a skilled player who stands out from the rest.

How to Get Youngllef in OSRS?

To obtain the Youngllef pet in Old School Runescape, players must complete either the Corrupted or Uncorrupted Gauntlet and find it in the reward chest at the end. The chance of receiving the pet is 1/400 for completing the Corrupted Gauntlet and 1/2,000 for completing the Uncorrupted Gauntlet. Once obtained, players can change the pet between its corrupted and uncorrupted versions.



Kree’arra is a mini version of one the God Wars dungeon bosses. This pet has a unique design as it can fly, which makes it even more desirable for many players. However, the drop rate for Kree’arra is 1/5k, which is quite rare. Additionally, Kree’arra is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game, making it even more challenging to obtain this pet.

How to Get Kree’arra in OSRS?

To obtain this pet, players must defeat Kree’arra in the God Wars dungeon, where it is a very rare drop.
However, this is no easy feat, as players must have a ranged level of at least 70 to navigate through the chasm leading to the boss’s chamber, and have slain 40 followers of Armadyl to gain access.
During the fight, Kree’arra uses ranged attacks, so it’s recommended to have high defense against them. Players should also be careful, as Kree’arra can fly in to do melee damage if not targeted.
All in all, this pet’s rarity is understandable due to the difficulty of obtaining it.

Lil’ Zik

Lil’ Zik
Lil’ Zik

The rare pet Lil’Zik can only be obtained by defeating Verzik Vitur, the final boss of the Theatre of Blood. While the chance of obtaining this pet is 1/650, the challenge lies in getting to and defeating Verzik Vitur, one of the most difficult bosses in the game. As a mini version of Verzik Vitur’s final form, Lil’Zik is highly sought after by many players, although its arachnid appearance may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

How to Get Lil’Zik in OSRS?

To obtain Lil’Zik, players must successfully defeat Verzik Vitur, the final boss of the Theatre of Blood, with a high-performance rate.
Having a high performance will increase the drop rate of the pet, which is already fairly high at 1/650.
To achieve the highest score, players must limit their deaths to no more than two and deal the most damage possible in each room.
However, players who deal the most damage in certain rooms may be able to die more than twice without impacting their score.
It is important to come prepared with the best equipment possible if you want to increase your chances of obtaining Lil’Zik, as defeating Verzik Vitur is no easy task.

Corporeal Critter / Pet Dark Core

Corporeal Critter _ Pet Dark Core
Corporeal Critter _ Pet Dark Core

The OSRS pet dropped by the Corporeal Beast is called the Dark Core Pet, and it is highly sought after by many players. To have a chance of receiving this pet, you will need to defeat the Corporeal Beast, which is no easy feat. You will need to have level 85 in both Attack and Strength to be able to damage the beast, and it is highly recommended to have a team of players to help you take it down.

Once you manage to defeat the Corporeal Beast, there is a 1/5k chance that it will drop the Core Pet for you. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this pet, you will have a miniature version of the Corporeal Beast following you around, which can transform into the Dark Core during battles. Overall, this pet is highly coveted by many players due to its rarity and unique appearance.

How to Get Corporeal Beast or Dark Core in OSRS?

To obtain the Corporeal Beast or Dark Core pet, you must defeat the Corporeal Beast boss in its cave located in the level 21 Wilderness.
This is not an easy task to accomplish, especially if you go solo, which is why this pet is one of the rarest in the game.
The Corporeal Beast has a staggering 2,000 hit points, along with a 50% damage reduction against weapons and high defense, making it challenging to defeat.
To increase your chances of obtaining the pet, you should consider bringing friends to assist you in the fight.
Be prepared for a long and difficult battle if you want to have a chance to get your hands on this rare pet.



Who wouldn’t want a loyal companion like a good boy by their side in OSRS? The Bloodhound pet is one of the rarest and most beloved pets in the game, with its cute little hat and the ability to be fed bones. To obtain this pet, players must complete master level clue scrolls, which are some of the most challenging clues in the game. The Bloodhound pet can only be obtained through opening master clue caskets, with a drop rate of 1/1k.

So, if you want to add this furry friend to your collection, be prepared for some tough challenges and a lot of dedication!

How to get Bloodhound pet in OSRS

To obtain the Bloodhound pet in OSRS, players need to complete master treasure trail clues which lead to the master clue casket containing rare rewards, including the Bloodhound pet. The process of obtaining master clues is quite challenging, as players need to bring one each of the easy, medium, hard, and elite clue scrolls to Watson or obtain them as a reward for completing any other treasure trail scrolls. Because you can only have one master clue on you at a time, farming for them can be difficult, and completing one can take six to eight steps, making it time-consuming. But the joy of opening a master clue casket and finding this cute doggo is undoubtedly worth all the effort.



Jal-Nib-Rek is considered the most difficult pet to obtain in Old School Runescape. The base drop rate for this pet is 1/100, but it can be improved to 1/75 if you defeat TzKal-Zuk while on a slayer task. However, the only way to get this pet is by completing the Inferno. The Inferno is a solo minigame released in 2017, where players have to survive 69 waves of increasingly difficult enemies before facing off against TzKal-Zuk. If you die at any point during the minigame, you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

Moreover, you cannot restock between waves, and other players cannot join in. The Inferno is widely regarded as the best solo PVM challenge in the game. If you manage to get a slayer task that takes you to the Inferno, it’s worth attempting to obtain Jal-Nib-Rek. However, getting a suitable slayer task is a challenge in itself, and the process can be time-consuming.

How to Get Jal-Nib-Rek in OSRS?

Obtaining the Jal-Nib-Rek pet requires a lot of preparation and skill. Once you reach the 69th wave in the Inferno, you will face TzKal-Zuk, who can deal heavy damage with his attacks. It’s important to have a high ranged skill to defeat him since melee attacks won’t work.
When TzKal-Zuk falls below 240 HP, Jal-MejJaks will appear and start to heal him, making the battle even more challenging.
The pet has a base drop rate of 1/100, but it can be improved to 1/75 if you defeat TzKal-Zuk while on a slayer task. If you don’t get lucky and receive the pet as a drop, you can exchange the infernal cape that is awarded for another chance at a 1/100 drop rate.
While it’s one of the most difficult pets to obtain, the Jal-Nib-Rek pet is highly sought after and serves as a symbol of prestige for those who manage to get it.

Pet Penance Queen

Pet Penance Queen
Pet Penance Queen

The Pet Penance Queen, which is a mini version of the Penance Queen from the Barbarian Assault minigame, is the rarest pet in Old School Runescape. Obtaining this pet is purely based on chance, with a drop rate of 1 in 1,000 from high-level gambles. Players who manage to obtain this pet can show off their good fortune and impress others with their rare acquisition.

How to Get Pet Penance Queen in OSRS?

Getting the Pet Penance Queen is no easy feat. To have a chance at acquiring this rare pet, you’ll need to participate in the Barbarian Assault minigame and earn honor points by performing well in your role as healer, attacker, defender, or collector.
After killing the Penance Queen, you’ll receive 80 honor points. To place a high-level gamble for a chance to get the pet, you’ll need to have 500 honor points in one of these roles.
The Pet Penance Queen has a drop rate of 1/1k from high-level gambles, making it the rarest pet in the game.
If you’re dedicated to obtaining this pet, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time playing Barbarian Assault and earning honor points. And even then, it all comes down to chance whether you’ll be lucky enough to get the Pet Penance Queen.


Indeed, having one of the rarest pets in Old School Runescape can be a great source of pride for players. These pets are not only a testament to a player’s dedication and hard work, but they also serve as a unique way to showcase their achievements to others.

Despite not offering any significant bonuses, having a rare pet can be a status symbol that sets players apart from others in the game. It’s a way to show off their accomplishments and let others know that they’ve achieved something truly special.

So, while getting these pets may require a lot of time and effort, the satisfaction of owning one of the rarest pets in the game can be well worth it for many players.

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