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Maplestory Training Guide Level 1-275 May 2023 (Reboot & Normal)

Maplestory has a vast world filled with unique monsters lurking around every corner, offering many lands and dimensions to explore. If you’re a new or returning player, navigating this world and finding monsters suitable for training at your current level can be challenging. That’s where our Maplestory training guide comes in handy! We cover the best training spots for all levels, from 1-275, for both Reboot and regular servers.
To level up as quickly as possible, we’ve curated a list of the top training spots that we’ve found. Additionally, you can access more information about each training spot, including alternatives, by clicking on any level interval in the table above. As you level up in Maplestory, it’s also helpful to know some other useful information about the game.

Difficulty of mobs on Reboot vs Normal servers

This Maplestory training guide applies to both Reboot and normal servers, but keep in mind that mobs are tougher on the Reboot server. If you’re playing on Reboot, it’s best to go to each training spot two to four levels later than the recommended level range.

However, if you have multiple characters on your account with powerful link skills and legion buffs, you should be able to follow the recommendations without any issues. On the other hand, if you’re playing on a regular server and have a lot of buffs and strong leveling gear from the start, you can go to the training spots a couple of levels earlier.

How to find maps

If you can’t find a map that’s listed above, you can open the world map by pressing W, then search for the desired map in the search bar located at the top.

Once you find the map, simply double-click its name for directions.

Keep in mind that some special maps in the game are hidden, but we’ve included instructions on how to access them in their respective paragraphs below.

Using the Maple Guide

A great way to travel around and find maps with monsters around your level is to use the Maple Guide.
You can access it by pressing ‘u’ on your keyboard or through the character menu at the bottom of the screen.
If you’re in the appropriate level range, many of the maps included in our Maplestory training guide can be directly accessed through the Maple Guide.
If the Maple Guide doesn’t open in a large window that displays a path with your character on it, click the ‘+’ icon in its window.
To move to a map, boss, theme dungeon, or special content in the Maple Guide, press it, and click Move.


Make sure to activate the runes during training whenever possible, as they give double EXP for two minutes upon activation.

You’ll come across runes frequently on every map with monsters, and they can provide rewards like damage-boosting buffs or summon stronger monsters.

Hyper Teleport Rock

If you’re playing on Reboot, make sure to buy the Hyper Teleport Rock from the cash shop using your mesos. It’ll make moving around much easier! On normal servers, you can get the Hyper Teleport Rock for free during the daily gift event, but only on the first and fifteenth day.

Each one lasts for three days. Once you have the Hyper Teleport Rock, all you need to do is double-click on a map in the world map and you’ll teleport there instantly!

EXP boosts

If you want to level up quickly in Maplestory, using EXP boosts is the way to go. You can get these boosts from different parts of the game such as events, link skills, and useable items such as Monster Park potions and Enjoyable Winters.
Additionally, active buffs like Bishop’s Holy Symbol can also give you a boost. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of these options and speed up your leveling process!

Maplestory Training Guide Level
Maplestory Training Guide Level

Maplestory Training Guide Level 1-275 (May 2023)

Level 1-10

When you start playing the game, you’ll be taken through a tutorial that varies in length depending on the class you’ve chosen.
This means that there aren’t any designated training spots for levels 1-10, and some classes even start at level 10 by default.
To reach level 10, the best approach is to complete the tutorial quests specific to your chosen job.
Once you finish the job tutorial, you should be at level 10.
Keep in mind that some job tutorials may continue beyond level 10.

Level 10-20

If you’re looking for a great place to train your character in levels 10-20, check out Golem’s Temple 3!
The Flaming Mixed Golems there are a breeze to defeat, no matter what class you are.
This spot is popular with new players because it’s easy to get to and the EXP per mob is pretty generous.
Plus, the map is small, so you don’t have to do a lot of running around to find enemies to battle.
To get there, just head to Henesys and look for the portal on the far right.

  • Map: Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
  • Mob: Flaming Mixed Golem
  • Level: 19
  • HP: 350 (Normal) / 525 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 39 (Normal) / 54 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Edelstein Strolling Path 2 (Strange Sign)
  • Low-level mobs next to your starting town if you play a class that doesn’t start on Victoria Island or in Edelstein.
  • Garbage Dump: Waste Treatment Plant 1 (Ooze Waste)

Level 20-30

Once you hit level 20, head over to Curse Eye at North Forest Green Tree Trunk in Ellinia.
This map is pretty expansive and has a lot more monsters compared to the one you trained at between levels 10-20.
You can continue to train here until you reach level 30.
To get to this map, simply go to Ellinia and use the portal located at the top-right of the town.
From there, you can use the world map or follow the directions to reach your destination.

  • Map: North Forest Green Tree Trunk
  • Mob: Curse Eye
  • Level: 27
  • HP: 650 (Normal) / 1,300 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 50 (Normal) / 75 (Reboot)
  • Singing Mushroom Forest: Blue Mushmom Forest (Blue Mushmom [Boss])
  • Concrete Road: Streetlight Row (Streetlight)
  • Garbage Dump: Waste Treatment Plant 3 (Scrap Iron Waste)

Level 30-40

If you’re looking for a good place to train in levels 30-40, Gold Beach has some great maps to practice in.
As, Gold Beach has been changed so that all mobs scale to your current level from 30-59.
That means you can train in any Gold Beach map, and all mobs will give you the same amount of experience.
However, we highly recommend Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2 because it’s a great map for mobbing, and there are lots of Violet Clam Slimes.
To get to Gold Beach, go to Six Path Crossway and talk to Pilot Irvin.
Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2 is located two portals to the right of the Gold Beach town.

  • Map: Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2
  • Mob: Violet Clam Slime
  • Level: Scaling from level 30-59
  • HP: Scaling from level 30-59 (Normal & Reboot)
  • EXP: Scaling from level 30-59 (Normal & Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Ellinel Fairy Academy [Theme Dungeon]
  • Garbage Dump: Shaded Dump Site (Dumpy Hoodlum)
  • Abandoned Offices: Mr. Hazard’s Lair 3 (Hazard’s Mean Crony)

Level 40-45

Have you tried training at Gravi Stonegar in the East Pantheon’s Enchanted Forest? It’s a pretty fascinating spot to level up your character.
The mobs you encounter there are tougher than regular ones, but they reward you with a lot more EXP per kill.
If you have a strong character, you can take on this challenge as early as level 35 instead of waiting until level 40.
To get to this map, you need to first reach Pantheon through the Interdimensional Portal at Six Path Crossway, then go through the portal on the far right, and finally use either the world map or the given directions to find your way to the Enchanted Forest.

  • Map: East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest
  • Mob: Gravi Stonegar
  • Level: 41
  • HP: 8,242 (Normal) / 24,726 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 155 (Normal) / 294 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Kerning City Subway: Line 2 Area 3 (Shade)

Level 45-55

If you’re looking for a great place to level up your character in the game, consider checking out Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land in Perion.
This map is chock-full of Wild Boars and Terrified Wild Boars, which makes it an ideal spot to train from levels 45-55.
If you find that these mobs are a bit too tough for you at level 45, no worries! Simply level up a few more times and come back.
If your character has good mobility and AoE abilities, you’ll have an even easier time here.
To get to the map, head to Perion and enter the portal at the top of the town.
From there, you can use the world map or follow directions to reach your destination.

  • Map: Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land
  • Mob: Wild Boar
  • Level: 55
  • HP: 8,000 (Normal) / 24,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 187 (Normal) / 355 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Terrified Wild Boar
  • Level: 55
  • HP: 8,000 (Normal) / 24,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 187 (Normal) / 355 (Reboot)

Once you reach level 50, you’ll unlock Easy Zakum, a weaker version of the main boss, Zakum.
Taking down Easy Zakum daily can earn you a considerable amount of experience points at this level.
To begin the fight, simply follow the quest “[Zakum] Statue of Dread,” which you can access by clicking on the quest icon located on the left side of your screen when you hit level 50.

Alternative maps:

  • Riena Strait [Theme Dungeon] (From level 50)

Level 55-60

Excavation Site Military Camp 1 is a great map for training in MapleStory.
It’s populated by Skeledogs and Mummydogs, and it’s a thin map with a convenient teleport at the bottom that takes you back to the top.
You can start at the top of the map, clear a platform, jump down, clear another platform, and keep repeating until you’re back at the teleport at the bottom.
The best part is that you don’t need huge AoE skills or mobility to quickly clear the entire map, making it perfect for any class. You can even stay here until level 65, instead of the recommended level 60.
Keep in mind that this map is hidden, so you won’t see it on the world map. To access it, head to the Excavation Site Intermission Area in Perion, walk up to the old tower on the right side, and enter through the open gate.

  • Map: Excavation Site Military Camp 1
  • Mob: Skeledog
  • Level: 62
  • HP: 12,600 (Normal) / 50,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 256 (Normal) / 614 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Mummydog
  • Level: 62
  • HP: 12,600 (Normal) / 50,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 256 (Normal) / 614 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Riena Strait [Theme Dungeon]

Level 60-70

Silent Swamp in Sleepywood is a classic training spot that’s been the go-to location for leveling up from levels 60-70 for a long time.
However, due to its popularity, it can be tough to snag a map if you’re playing on a busy server like Reboot.
In this case, you can always try heading to the neighboring map, Swamp: Humid Swamp, which also features Copper Drakes to fight.
Because of how effective Silent Swamp is as a training spot, many players opt to train there even before reaching level 60, provided their character is strong enough.
Some players even decide to stick around until level 75 instead of stopping at level 70.

  • Map: Swamp: Silent Swamp
  • Mob: Copper Drake
  • Level: 66
  • HP: 16,000 (Normal) / 64,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 302 (Normal) / 724 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Sleepywood: Sunless Area (Drake)

Level 70-75

Once you hit level 70, make your way over to Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I which is located in Orbis.
On this map, there are three different kitten mobs spread out over five platforms.
The bottom platform has two cloud springers that you can use to jump all the way up to the top.
By utilizing these springers, you can quickly clear the entire map by dropping down after each platform and then jumping back up to the top.
The spawn rate of mobs is pretty decent here, so you’ll always have something to defeat.
To get to this map, just head over to Orbis, go through the portal located in the middle of the town on the right side, and then use the world map or follow the directions to get to the Stairway to the Sky I map.

  • Map: Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I
  • Mob: Cellion
  • Level: 71
  • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Grupin
  • Level: 71
  • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Lioner
  • Level: 71
  • HP: 22,000 (Normal) / 99,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 382 (Normal) / 955 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Aqua Road: Sand Castle Playground (Flower Fish, Krip)

Level 75-85

Ice Valley II in El Nath is a great option for leveling up quickly.
This map features three platforms where White Fangs will spawn, and there’s a teleport on the bottom platform.
To farm efficiently, you can clear one platform at a time, starting from the top and then teleporting back up once you’ve cleared the bottom one.
This map is especially good for leveling up until level 85.
To get there, simply take the Danger Zone Taxi in El Nath to Ice Valley II. It’s an easy-to-clear map that you’ll love!

  • Map: Ice Valley II
  • Mob: White Fang
  • Level: 81
  • HP: 54,000 (Normal) / 243,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 780 (Normal) / 1,950 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Verne Mine: Shaft 4 (Guard Robot L)

Level 85-100

When you reach level 85, head over to Sunset Road: Sahel 2 in Nihal Desert.
It’s a great spot to train until you hit level 100 by fighting Sand Rats and Scorpions.
You’ll only find mobs on the flat bottom platform of the map that stretches from one side to the other, which makes it super easy to farm.
If you have an AoE or rush skill, even better! You can access this map by walking through two portals to the left after passing through the middle portal in Magatia.

  • Map: Sunset Road: Sahel 2
  • Mob: Sand Rat
  • Level: 89
  • HP: 86,000 (Normal) / 387,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 1,145 (Normal) / 2,862 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Scorpion
  • Level: 90
  • HP: 90,000 (Normal) / 405,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 1,188 (Normal) / 2,970 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Alcadno Research Institute Lab – Area B-3 (Iron Mutae)
  • Alcadno Research Institute Lab – Area C-2 (Roid and Neo Huroid)
  • Ellin Forest: Southern Region of Mossy Tree Forest 1 (Tree Rod)

Level 100-105

Once you hit level 100 in the game, you’ll unlock Normal Zakum, which is a boss that you can easily take on solo even if you don’t have any upgraded gear or link skills/legion buffs.
To get to Normal Zakum, you have two options: speak to your instructor in El Nath, like you did for Easy Zakum, or use the boss menu.
It’s a good idea to grab a rune before taking on Zakum since it will help you level up a lot from just one run.
Defeating Normal Zakum at level 100 will bring you to at least level 105 if you activate a rune before your run and can take out the arms quickly.
And if you’re taking advantage of the burning event with your character, you’ll level up even higher after that one run!

  • Map: Final Mission: Zakum’s Altar
  • Mob: Normal Zakum [Boss]
  • Level: 110
  • HP: Arms – 700,000 each / Body – 7,000,000
  • EXP: Arms – 44,800-67,200 each / Body – 360,340

Alternative maps:

  • Minar Forest Sky Nest 3 (Blood Harp)

Level 105-115

When training in Leafre’s Minar Forest Sky Nest 3, you’ll encounter your first star force requirement. This means you need a certain number of star force enhancements on your equipment to deal damage to the mobs on that map.
For example, if your hat has 4 enhancements and your glove has 3, your total star force power is 7. Without meeting the requirement, you won’t be able to do much damage, but once you do, you’ll receive significantly more EXP from the mobs.
To get star force enhancements, use spell trace scrolls on your equipment until they have no more slots, then upgrade them with mesos. On Reboot, you can only star force enhance items. Maps with mobs above level 100 also offer a burning stage EXP bonus of up to 100%.
To reach Minar Forest Sky Nest 3, head to Leafre, take the Danger Zone Taxi to Entrance to Dragon Forest, go through the portal on the left, and use the world map or directions to find the rest of the way.

  • Map: Minar Forest Sky Nest 3
  • Star Force Requirement: 5 Stars
  • Mob: Blood Harp (Star Force)
  • Level: 107
  • HP: 904,550 (Normal) / 1,356,825 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 6,165 (Normal) / 7,398 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Ludibrium Toy Factory <Apparatus Room> (Robo and Master Robo) [No Star Force]

When you reach level 105, you’ll unlock a cool new feature called Monster Park. This is a special dungeon that you can enter twice a day for free. It’s a great way to earn a lot of EXP, so make sure to use both of your daily free entrances! If you’re playing on Reboot, you can buy more tickets for mesos, but on normal servers, you’ll need to use NX to get additional tickets.

Level 115-125

If you’re looking for a great place to train in Ludibrium, check out Hidden Street Unbalanced Time!
This hidden map is loaded with Dual Ghost Pirates, making it perfect for leveling up. It’s designed with multiple platforms and a handy teleporter at the bottom that takes you back to the top.
To get there, just head to Ludibrium Warped Path of Time <3>, go to the top, and enter the orange portal on the far right side.

  • Map: Hidden Street Unbalanced Time
  • Star Force Requirement: 26 Stars
  • Mob: Dual Ghost Pirate (Star Force)
  • Level: 119
  • HP: 2,186,175 (Normal) / 3,279,262 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 10,530 (Normal) / 12,636 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • From level 120-130 Korean Folk Town: Black Mountain Entrance (Moon Bunny) [No Star Force]
  • Hilla [Boss]

Level 125-135

If you’re looking for a great place to train between levels 125-135 in MapleStory, check out Bains at El Nath The Cave of Trials III. The map has excellent spawn rates, high EXP per mob, and a handy teleporter on the right side of the screen.
To get there quickly, head to El Nath and talk to your instructor at the Chief’s Residence.
Ask them to send you to Zakum and then head one map to the left of the entrance to find El Nath The Cave of Trials III. It’s a fantastic spot for leveling up your character!

  • Map: El Nath The Cave of Trials III
  • Star Force Requirement: 55 Stars
  • Mob: Bain (Star Force)
  • Level: 136
  • HP: 4,578,750 (Normal) / 6,868,125 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 19,107 (Normal) / 22,928 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • From level 130 Herb Town Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 (Kru and Captain) [No Star Force]

At level 130, you unlock Easy Horntail, another boss that is great for leveling.

Level 135-145

If you’re looking for a great training spot between levels 135 to 145, we recommend checking out the Black Wyvern’s Nest in Minar Forest, located in Leafre.
You’ll encounter plenty of Dark Wyverns on this map, each providing a substantial amount of EXP per kill. This map is quite spacious, consisting of multiple platforms that will keep you on your toes.
Additionally, the spawn rate is excellent here, so you won’t have to wait around for enemies to respawn.
To get to this location, simply take the Danger Zone Taxi to Entrance to Dragon Nest from Leafre and use the world map or follow the directions provided to complete the journey.

  • Map: Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest
  • Star Force Requirement: 65 Stars
  • Mob: Dark Wyvern (Star Force)
  • Level: 141
  • HP: 5,671,500 (Normal) / 8,507,250 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 22,782 (Normal) / 27,338 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Korean Folk Town: Goblin House (Yellow King Goblin)

Once you reach level 135, you’ll gain access to Normal Horntail. This boss provides a ton of EXP at this stage of the game, but taking it down can be challenging if you don’t have good gear and a strong character.

Level 145-155

Hey, once you hit level 145, head deeper into Minar Forest until you get to Minar Forest The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2.
You’ll come across Skelosauruses and Skelegons here. The mobs here start to have more HP, so it might take a little longer to take them down.
However, the EXP they offer is also higher, making this one of the top spots to train from level 145 to 155.
The map layout and spawn rate are both fantastic for training.
You can get to this map by taking the Danger Zone Taxi from Leafre to Entrance to Dragon Nest, or by using the Horntail boss teleporter and walking the rest of the way.

  • Map: Minar Forest The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2
  • Star Force Requirement: 70 Stars
  • Mob: Skelosaurus (Star Force)
  • Level: 153
  • HP: 9,126,000 (Normal) / 13,689,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 33,882 (Normal) / 40,658 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Skelegon (Star Force)
  • Level: 147
  • HP: 7,128,000 (Normal) / 10,692,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 27,558 (Normal) / 33,069 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Kerning Tower: 6F Hair Salons <3> (Peeved Perm Machine) [No Star Force]
  • Kerning Tower: 2F Cafe <4> (Enraged Espresso Machine) [80 Star Force]

Level 155-165

Looking for a great training spot for levels 155-165? Time Lane Detour to Oblivion 4 is the place to be! Here, you’ll battle against Chief Oblivion Guardians, Oblivion Guardians, and Eyes of Time.
In fact, some players even choose to stay here until level 170 because it’s such a good spot.

If you have a Hyper Teleport Rock, you can easily teleport to this map. But if you don’t, don’t worry.
You just need to complete some Pink Bean prequests that take you through Temple of Time. These quests will eventually lead you to Time Lane Detour to Oblivion 4, so it’s not a waste of time.
Plus, you’ll get experience points from defeating the mobs in the quests.

To get to Temple of Time, head to Leafre and then to the Leafre Station. From there, speak to Corba at the top of the map and fly all the way to the right.
Once you’re at Temple of Time, speak to the Temple Keeper to begin the Pink Bean prequests.

  • Map: Time Lane Detour to Oblivion 4
  • Star Force Requirement: 90 Stars
  • Mob: Chief Oblivion Guardian (Star Force)
  • Level: 166
  • HP: 21,489,000 (Normal & Reboot)
  • EXP: 55,374 (Normal & Reboot)
  • Mob: Oblivion Guardian (Star Force)
  • Level: 164
  • HP: 19,906,000 (Normal & Reboot)
  • EXP: 51,894 (Normal & Reboot)
  • Mob: Eye of Time (Star Force)
  • Level: 160
  • HP: 16,896,000 (Normal) / 25,344,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 45,123 (Normal) / 54,147 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Kerning Tower: 6F Hair Salons <4> (Harried Hair Roller) [80 Star Force]
  • Ravaged Forest: Hill North of Henesys Ruins (Mutant Slime) [No Star Force]

Level 165-170

Once you reach level 165, head over to Knight Stronghold Armory 2 in Henesys Ruins.

This map is home to Official Knight E and Official Knight D, both of whom are tough opponents with high HP but offer a generous amount of EXP. Just like the previous map, you can teleport here quickly using the Hyper Teleport Rock.

If you don’t have one, you’ll need to make your way through the Gate to The Future in Temple of Time to get here.

Once you’ve arrived in Henesys Ruins, talk to Chief Alex and complete the two quests: “Scouting the Stronghold” and “Piercing Defenses.” After finishing these short quests, you’ll be ready to take on Knight Stronghold Armory 2.

  • Map: Knight Stronghold Armory 2
  • Star Force Requirement: 120 Stars
  • Mob: Official Knight E (Star Force)
  • Level: 176
  • HP: 30,380,000 (Normal) / 45,570,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Official Knight D (Star Force)
  • Level: 174
  • HP: 28,482,000 (Normal) / 42,723,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 70,485 (Normal) / 84,582 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Ravaged Forest: Dreamy Forest Trail (Mutant Ribbon Pig) [No Star Force]

Level 170-185

Looking for a great spot to train from levels 170-185 in Omega Sector? Check out the Gray Luxury Saucers inside the Mothership Corridor H03!
This map is super compact with great spawn rates, making it easy to clear all the mobs quickly.
Plus, the mobs here give significantly more EXP than other star force maps for only slightly more HP.
Some players even stay here until level 180 before moving on to Future Perion.
If you’re not well-geared, it’s best to stick around until level 185, which is closer to the level of the mobs in Future Perion.
To get there, just head to Omega Sector and go through the portal on the far left.
Then, make your way to Boswell Field IV and use the Intergalactic Transmitter at the top to get to the Mothership.

  • Map: Inside the Mothership Corridor H03
  • Star Force Requirement: 140 Stars
  • Mob: Gray Luxury Saucer (Star Force)
  • Level: 180
  • HP: 34,344,000 (Normal) / 51,516,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 74,577 (Normal) / 89,492 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Kingdom Road Corrupted Magic Forest 1 (Corrupted Basic Magician) [No Star Force]

Level 185-200

Once you reach level 185, head over to Sinister Rocky Masks in Twilight Perion’s Forsaken Excavation Site 2 for some serious training.
The spawn rate and number of mobs in this area are simply incredible, making it the perfect spot to train from levels 185-200.
Keep in mind that the mobs in this area can deal quite a bit of damage, so upgrading your gear might be a good idea if you’re having trouble.
Keep in mind that it can be difficult to find a free channel in this popular training area.
If you can’t find an empty channel, try checking out the two surrounding maps, as they are also great spots for training.
To get to Twilight Perion’s Forsaken Excavation Site 2, head to Henesys Ruins via the Temple of Time and follow the world map or use directions.

  • Map: Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2
  • Star Force Requirement: No requirement
  • Mob: Sinister Rocky Mask
  • Level: 195
  • HP: 12,632,600 (Normal) / 63,163,000 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 59,075 (Normal) / 159,502 (Reboot)

Alternative maps:

  • Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 1 (Sinister Wooden Mask) [No Star Force]
  • From level 190 – Twilight Perion: Warrior Grounds (Ancient Mixed Golem) [No Star Force]

Level 200-210

Once you hit level 200 in Maplestory, the Arcane River becomes available for end-game leveling. The River has a similar system to Star Force, requiring a specific amount of Arcane Force to deal damage to enemies on each map.

It’s important to stick to maps with a lower Arcane Force requirement than what you have to avoid wasting time on unproductive training. If you don’t meet the Arcane Force requirement of a recommended training spot, look for another nearby that meets your needs.

If you have at least 150% of a map’s required Arcane Force, you’ll deal significantly more damage to mobs and take minimal damage in return, which can be advantageous if you’re playing a class with low HP or poor defenses.

From levels 200 to 210, you’ll be stationed in the Vanishing Journey of the Arcane River, with the Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage as your primary training spot where you’ll fight Raging Erdas.

To get to the Arcane River, go through the Gate of the Present, and use the world map to navigate once you’ve completed the initial Arcane River intro.

  • Map: Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 30 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Raging Erda
  • Level: 201
  • HP: 46,056,000 (Normal) / 110,534,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 101,389 (Normal) / 233,194 (Reboot)

Your choice of which map to train on in the Arcane River actually depends more on your Arcane Force than your level. That’s why we’ve updated the alternative maps section to say ‘Move to these maps when you have enough Arcane Force.’ This will help you progress more effectively through the Arcane River.

Move to these maps when you have enough Arcane Force:

  • Cave of Repose: Eastern Cave Path 2 (Tranquil Erda) [60 Arcane Force]
  • Extinction Zone: Hidden Fire Zone (Soulful Erda) [80 Arcane Force]

Level 210-220

If you’re looking to level up from 210 to 220, Chu Chu Island is the place to be in the Arcane River. You’ll want to train at Slurpy Forest Depths, where you’ll find an impressive spawn of Angry Flyons and Ripe Wolfruit.

However, before you can access Chu Chu Island, you’ll need to complete the storyline quests for Vanishing Journey, which is the first area in the Arcane River.

  • Map: Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 100 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Angry Flyon
  • Level: 213
  • HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Ripe Wolfruit
  • Level: 213
  • HP: 129,519,600 (Normal) / 271,991,160 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 265,808 (Normal) / 611,358 (Reboot)

Move to this map when you have enough Arcane Force:

  • Eree Valley: Torrent Zone 1 (Green Catfish, Blue Catfish) [130 Arcane Force]

Level 220-225

If you’re looking for a great training spot between levels 220 and 225, check out the Chicken Festival 2 in Lachelein Night Market.

This map is perfect for defeating Galluses and getting plenty of EXP.

Plus, it’s very easy to train here because the map is flat with only three platforms at the same vertical height. To access Lachelein, complete the storyline quests on Chu Chu Island.

  • Map: Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 210 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Gallus
  • Level: 222
  • HP: 197,219,720 (Normal) / 335,273,524 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 322,473 (Normal) / 741,687 (Reboot)

Move to this map when you have enough Arcane Force:

  • Lachelein Clocktower: Nightmare Clocktower 2F (Dreamkeeper) [240 Arcane Force]

Level 225-240

After Lachelein, the next area in the Arcane River is Arcana, which many players consider a great place to train due to its well-designed maps.

A majority of players tend to stay in Arcana until they reach level 240, while some stay until level 250.

However, Morass, the next area, is often skipped by players because the maps there are not as convenient for training compared to Arcana maps.

The first spot you should head to in Arcana for training is Earth Spirits in the Forest of Earth. To access Arcana, you’ll need to finish the storyline quests in Lachelein.

  • Map: Arcana: The Forest of Earth
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 280 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Earth Spirit
  • Level: 232
  • HP: 270,291,200 (Normal) / 459,495,040 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 408,778 (Normal) / 940,189 (Reboot)

Move to this map when you have enough Arcane Force:

  • Arcana: Cavern Lower Path (Befuddled Spirit) [360 Arcane Force]

Level 240-250

In the previous section, we advised you to avoid training in Morass altogether and instead start at level 240 in Esfera.
However, you’ll still need to complete storyline quests in Morass as usual to get to Esfera. Once you reach Esfera, the best place to train is at Aranyas in Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2.
This map has a lot of mobs and is designed specifically for training, so it’s an excellent option.

  • Map: Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 600 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Aranya
  • Level: 244
  • HP: 431,142,000 (Normal) / 732,941,400 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 509,964 (Normal) / 1,172,917 (Reboot)

Many players tend to stick with this map until they reach level 250.

If you’re interested in exploring another fantastic map that is suitable for this level range, I recommend taking a look at:

  • Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 7 (Keeper of Darkness) [600 Arcane Force]

Level 250-255

To access the best training spots in Limina, you’ll need to reach level 255 first. To level up from 250 to 255, we suggest training at Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5.

This map is packed with mobs that give great EXP, so most players prefer it until they reach level 255.

To enter the Labyrinth of Suffering, where this map is located, you must complete the storyline quests in Moonbridge.

If you haven’t unlocked Moonbridge yet, you’ll need to finish the storyline quests in Esfera first.

  • Map: Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 760 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Dark Miscreation
  • Level: 244
  • HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Dark Construct
  • Level: 244
  • HP: 591,261,000 (Normal) / 1,005,143,700 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 640,971 (Normal) / 1,474,233 (Reboot)

Level 255-275

Congratulations on reaching level 255! Now, you can head over to Limina, which is the best training spot in the game.

To get there, you’ll need to complete some storyline quests in the Labyrinth of Suffering.

Once you arrive in Limina, there are several fantastic maps to choose from, such as Limina: End of the World 1-5, which is the most popular among players.

However, if you want to mix things up a bit, you might want to try training on different maps in Limina until you reach level 275.

If you don’t mind sticking to the same map for an extended period, then Limina: End of the World 1-5 is a great choice because it has an excellent spawn rate and plenty of mobs that provide tons of EXP.

  • Map: Limina: End of the World 1-5
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 880 Arcane Force
  • Mob: Ascendion
  • Level: 262
  • HP: 655,470,200 (Normal) / 1,114,299,340 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 700,242 (Normal) / 1,610,556 (Reboot)
  • Mob: Foreberion
  • Level: 263
  • HP: 666,329,400 (Normal) / 1,132,759,980 (Reboot)
  • EXP: 710,121 (Normal) / 1,633,278 (Reboot)

Conclusion of Maplestory Training Guide

We’ve put together a comprehensive Maplestory Training Guide that covers everything from level 1 to level 275.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on this Maplestory training guide, please share it with us in the comments section below. We’re always looking to improve our content based on the input of our readers! You may also like How to earn XP & level up fast in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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