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Lies of P Release Date, Story, & Gameplay (2023)

Are you a fan of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring? Well, if we told you about a game that takes inspiration from those FromSoftware classics, but is set in a twisted, gothic world filled with mechanical beings and is based on Pinocchio, would you be interested? If so, you’ll definitely want to know about the Lies of P release date.

Lies of P is a retelling of the Pinocchio story, but with a terrifying twist, and it draws inspiration from the beloved Souls series. We can’t wait for the Lies of P release date, which is why we’ve put together this guide to keep you up to date with all the latest information about the game’s story and gameplay trailer.

Keep reading to find out everything we know about when Lies of P will be available to play and to see the released gameplay trailer in action.

Lies of P Release Date

Lies of P Release Date
Lies of P Release Date

Exciting news for fans eagerly awaiting the Lies of P release date! It’s been announced that the game will be available in August 2023 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

With the release date for Lies of P quickly approaching, it’s worth noting that the game’s length has already been estimated. This way, you can plan accordingly for this unique souls-like adventure, especially with several other large RPG games set to be released around the same time. Get ready for some intense gameplay!

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Lies of P Game Pass

Great news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers who are also fans of souls-like games! Lies of P will be available on Game Pass from day one of its release in August 2023. Make sure to keep an eye out for this highly anticipated game if you have a Game Pass subscription.

Lies of P Gameplay

If you’re interested in seeing the Lies of P gameplay in action, you’re in luck! The game’s Opening Night Live trailer, which was released in August 2022, showcased some exciting gameplay footage. You can watch it for yourself below :

The Lies of P gameplay trailer showcased a variety of weapons that Pinocchio can use to fight his way through the infected city of Krat. From shovels to flaming swords, claymores, and even a cannon built into his arm, the game seems to offer a lot of diverse combat options for players to experiment with. With so many different weapon types available, players are sure to have a blast creating and trying out different builds once the Lies of P release date finally arrives.

Lies of P Story

So, in Lies of P, you get to play as a mechanical version of Pinocchio. The game starts off with you waking up in this spooky and gothic city that’s kind of similar to Bloodborne, and you find a note pinned to your clothes telling you to find Geppetto. But, the city of Krat isn’t exactly a friendly place – it’s crawling with all sorts of twisted creatures and enemies. Basically, the game takes the story of Pinocchio and gives it a dark and twisted twist, and your main goal is to become human and leave your mechanical roots behind. Of course, that means you’ll have to take on some pretty gnarly bosses and monsters along the way

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