Level Up Fast Guide for Horizon Zero Dawn
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6 Easy Ways to Level Up Fast in Horizon Zero Dawn

Level Up Fast Guide for Horizon Zero Dawn: In Horizon Zero Dawn, XP is super important if you want to make progress in the game. You can use it to level up Aloy and make your life a lot easier. 

As you earn more XP, you’ll find it easier to take down those pesky robo dinosaurs, since you’ll have the skills and experience to handle them.

Of course, you’ll gradually earn experience points as you play through the main story, but there are also other ways to level up fast.

With so many activities to do in the game, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do first.

We are here at gamingwonk.com to help you out by highlighting the best ways to maximize your Horizon Zero Dawn XP, so Aloy can become an even more awesome fighter!

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6 Easy Ways to Level Up Fast in Horizon Zero Dawn

Level Up Fast Guide for Horizon Zero Dawn
Level Up Fast Guide for Horizon Zero Dawn

Complete quests

It might seem like common sense, but in the midst of all the activity happening in Horizon, it’s easy to forget: completing the right quests is the simplest way to earn a ton of experience points. So, my advice is to snatch up as many quests as you can find and make sure to keep track of them in your journal. Your journal will show you what rewards you’ll receive for each quest, and many of them will even give you skill points on top of tens of thousands of XP. It’s best to prioritize these quests since they’ll allow you to level up faster and enhance your character’s development.

As you progress through the main story of the game, you’ll be given a steady flow of missions to complete. These can be identified by green exclamation marks on your map, or you may stumble upon them while exploring and defeating enemies. Even activities like climbing Tallnecks and completing hunting lodge tasks are considered quests in the game.

Grab a Golden Fast Travel Pack to speed up travel and fish quests faster and claim their XP

When you reach Meridian, you’ll come across a variety of unique merchants that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each of these merchants offers a distinct collection of goods and rewards for turning in collectibles you’ve found.

You’ll find a special vendor who deals in ancient “vessels” and right next to them is a merchant who can sell you a Golden Fast Travel Pack.

This item is a game-changer, as it allows you to quickly travel around the map without using up any resources.

Normally, you would have to either find or craft Fast Travel Packs, which can be a hassle while you’re exploring. However, by purchasing the Golden Pack (which requires 50 metal shards, a fox skin, and 10 fatty meat), you can fast travel as much as you like without using any resources.

This is incredibly useful if you want to avoid a lot of the back-and-forth that many of Horizon’s quests require, which in turn will help you level up faster and progress through the game more quickly.

Buy every weapon and complete Tutorial Quests

When you buy a new item, your journal unlocks a fresh tutorial quest for you to embark on. These missions not only teach you how to use your new gear, but also give you the opportunity to earn thousands of XP just by destroying robots – something you’re probably already doing anyway.

It’s important to remember to activate each quest individually in your journal in order for your progress to count towards completion. But if you stay on top of them, you’ll reap the rewards for your hard work.

Clean out bandit camps and corrupted zones

As you venture through Aloy’s world and uncover more of the map, you may stumble upon hazardous areas that are infested with corrupted robots or occupied by bandits. These zones present great opportunities to earn a significant amount of XP. Once you find these bandit camps and corrupted zones, they will appear on your mini-map, along with the recommended character level needed to complete them. It’s a good idea to keep track of these areas and take a few minutes to eliminate the threats if you can.

By doing so, you’ll not only earn XP for individual kills, but also a substantial amount for completely clearing the area.

Kill with stealth or precision for more XP

Taking out bandits and robots in Horizon Zero Dawn not only earns you XP but also rewards you for putting in a little effort. The rewards are based on several factors such as the difficulty of the enemy and the method of taking it down. For instance, defeating a low-level Watcher will only earn you a few hundred XP, while surviving a nefarious Stormbird can earn you up to 3680 XP. On top of that, you can earn bonuses for being stealthy, knocking off components, or using various status effects to take out your enemy.

By sneaking up on an enemy and taking it out quietly, you can earn an extra 25-100 XP in addition to the normal XP reward. Targeting specific bits of armor plating or attached weaponry can score you up to 300 XP. Headshots, burning or frozen kills, and defeating enemies with heavy weapons are just a few examples of the skillful actions that will get you nice bonuses. While it’s difficult to predict the exact XP rewards and bonuses you’ll receive for your kills since they seem to be scaled to the individual level of each enemy, as long as you make your kills interesting, you’ll see the XP pour in.

Pick skills that will rack up bonus XP in combat

Make sure to pick the right skills that can help you maximize your gains. For instance, if you go for Silent Strike and Critical Hit, you’ll be able to instantly kill smaller enemies and score an XP bonus.

If you’re looking to stealthily take down enemies, try using Strike From Above, Strike From Below, and Leader Strike, as they’ll give you more chances to do so based on your position and the size of the enemy.

Additionally, Precision and Precision+ will help you knock off components with ease using melee attacks, and you’ll receive a generous XP bonus every time you succeed.

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