Exoprimal Release Date
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Exoprimal Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, & More (2023)

So, at the March 2022 State of Play showcase, Capcom made a surprise announcement with a brand new game called Exoprimal. It really caught us off guard, because we had no idea they were even going to be there. The game seems to have a more lighthearted tone than Capcom’s other popular ongoing series and recent releases, based on the trailer and premise. But don’t let that fool you – Exoprimal looks like it’s going to be a blast to play! Even though some fans were hoping for the next Dino Crisis, we still have some exciting info on this wild dinosaur-packed shooter game.

Exoprimal Release Date

Exoprimal Release Date
Exoprimal Release Date

Exoprimal, is finally set to hit the market with a bang! After months of speculation and rumors, the developers have officially announced that Exoprimal will be released on July 14, 2023, much to the excitement of fans worldwide.

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Exoprimal Platforms

If you’re excited to embark on a prehistoric adventure filled with dinosaur-blasting action, you’re in luck because Exoprimal is available on almost every major gaming platform. You can play it on your PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or PC. The only platform it’s not available on is the Switch. However, keep in mind that by 2023, even the PS4 and Xbox One will be considered outdated hardware, so it’s understandable that it won’t be available on the little handheld hybrid.

Exoprimal Trailer

So, let’s talk about Exoprimal Trailer. If you’re not familiar, the bulk of the footage we’ve seen so far comes from the reveal trailer that debuted during the State of Play event. But even though we haven’t seen a lot, we already have a good idea of what to expect from this game.

Basically, the game takes place in the year 2043, and it opens with an android named Ivy addressing the viewer. She’s standing near an Aibius logo and shows us the dinosaur forecast, just like it’s a weather report. We see a bunch of different kinds of exosuits and exofighters, which are responsible for going into affected zones and fighting the dino threat. Then we see the vortex itself – a pink orb that opens up and starts spilling out dinosaurs from the sky. It’s kind of hilarious, but also pretty terrifying.

From there, we get introduced to the main cast of characters – a large bald man with dog tags, another android woman, a man with glasses on a computer, a sleeping pilot, and the redhead that got everyone talking about a possible Dino Crisis connection. We learn that these vortexes have been appearing for over two years by the time the game starts, and that Aibius is responsible for forecasting them and developing the exosuits to fight them. There’s also an AI named Leviathan that’s helping with all of this, but it seems like it might be up to no good.

Later trailers have suggested that Leviathan might be the main antagonist, controlling the vortexes in some way. But honestly, because this is an online game, we don’t think the plot is going to be a huge deal.

We did get a full story trailer during Tokyo Game Show 2022, though, and it showed us a bit more about what to expect. The game takes place on Bikitoa Island, which has been sealed off except for exofighters patrolling it. There are also some hints of double agents and mysterious figures who can teleport into the exofighter aircraft and attack the crew.

One interesting detail from the Open Beta trailer is that it seems like Exoprimal might also be a time-loop game. And there are apparently parallel versions of the exofighters that we’ll be interacting with. So there’s definitely a lot to look forward to with this game!

Exoprimal Gameplay

Exoprimal gameplay
Exoprimal gameplay

Alright, let’s dive into the good stuff! The gameplay reveal for Exoprimal was packed with action, although a lot of it was shown through quick cuts. From what we can tell, this game is all about team-based, third-person action where you take on hordes of dinosaurs while piloting a powerful exosuit. It’s kind of like Earth Defense Force or Dynasty Warriors, but with suits that resemble those from Anthem.

Each exosuit has a unique appearance and set of tools. We saw one with a forcefield that reminded us of Overwatch, while others had a variety of rifles and melee weapons. There are three roles to choose from: Assault, Tank, and Support. Assault roles deal the most damage, Tanks protect the squad and draw aggro, and Support units can heal and buff the team.

There are four exosuits revealed so far: Deadeye and Zephyr are both Assault, while Roadblock is Tank and Witchdoctor is Support. We also caught a glimpse of a pilot ejecting from an exosuit, which makes us wonder if the suits can be destroyed or if you can swap them out during a match.

One of the unique aspects of Exoprimal is that the co-op gameplay also has a competitive element to it. It’s not about competing with your squad members, but rather completing the mission before the other team does. The main mode is called Dino Survival, where squads compete to take down the most dinos while completing objectives like holding out in specific zones or escorting cargo. Each mission is dynamically created to ensure each match is unique and challenging.

Since both squads are on the same map, you may end up clashing with or cooperating with the other team if there’s a bigger threat like a T-rex. We saw a variety of dinos like raptors and pterodactyl-like flyers, and we can imagine there’s a long progression system in place to keep players engaged and rewarded with XP, upgrades, loot, and cosmetics.

Capcom gave us a detailed gameplay trailer during its 2022 showcase, introducing us to Bikitoa Island where “live combat tests” take place. We saw modes like Dinosaur Cull, VTOL Defense, Data Key Security, Omega Charge, and Energy Taker. But the focus was on Carnage mode, which is a survival mode where you take on endless waves of raptors while unlocking new weapons and skills for your exosuit.

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Exoprimal Multiplayer

So, you’re thinking of playing Exoprimal? Well, just keep in mind that it’s only playable in multiplayer and you’ll need to be online to play it. We’re not sure yet if there will be AI companions or opponents available, but since the game allows for up to 10 players, there might be some bots thrown in there. The game seems to be designed for two teams of five exofighters battling it out.

As with most multiplayer games, Exoprimal has two battle passes called Survival Passes, one free and one paid. Season 1’s version was already revealed, so you can check that out.

Now, the million-dollar question is whether or not the game will have crossplay. We can assume that players on the same console family can play together, like PS4 and PS5, but we don’t know if Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players can all join forces yet. It would be a bummer for the player base if it’s split up, so we’re waiting for Capcom to announce something.

Exoprimal Preorder

You can actually preorder Exoprimal now on their official website! The best part is you get to choose your platform preference. There are two versions available – the Standard and Deluxe – priced at $60 and $70 respectively.

The Standard edition includes the game plus some cool skins:

  • Bush Camo (Witchdoctor)
  • Shark’s Mouth – Gray (Deadeye)
  • Stone Golem (Roadblock)

In addition to those, the Deluxe edition also gives you:

  • Head Start Kit
    • Exosuit Early Unlock Tickets
    • Vigilant Early Unlock Ticket
    • Murasame Early Unlock Ticket
    • Nimbus Early Unlock Ticket
    • Exosuit Skins
    • Paladin (Vigilant)
    • White Guardian (Murasame)
    • Wonderland (Nimbus)
  • Limited Time Bonus Survival Pass Season 1: Premium Tier
    • Exosuit Skins — 19
    • Weapon Skins — 10
    • Decals — 3
    • Emotes — 4
    • Stamps — 2
    • Player Tag: Emblems — 10
    • Player Tag: Backgrounds — 1
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